Wisdom of the ancients.

See: xkcd 979

This is a collection of solutions I have found to problems deep in internet rabbitholes. I fear they will die to link rot eventually, so I archive them here.

A few of them are just basic things I always forget and want to keep on hand.

This coincedentally also serves as a great tasting platter of the kinds of software projects that interest me.

Changing DNS with systemd

Domain Based Link Colours

Firefox Photon

Ghidhra HiDPI

Git Operations

Git Subdirectory Branch

Hacking Sagemcom Router Admin Account

Keychron Fn Keys

Making macOS Useable

Markdown in HTML

Mastodon Domain Alias

Minecraft Health and Death Score Commands

Nextcloud Phone Photo Upload

Piping to Clipboard

Prisma Schema Changes and Vercel

Run Latest npx Script Version


Self-Hosted Postgres and Prisma

Sticky Elements

Ubuntu Server Not Filling Server Disk

Xfce Screentearing