Kurt Vonnegut Grades

Excerpt from Palm Sunday, where Kurt Vonnegut grades his own books.

Yes, and it wasn't the only bad job I ever did. I have graded my separate works from A to D. The grades I hand out to myself do not place me in literary history. I am comparing myself with myself. Thus can I give myself an A-plus for Cat's Cradle, while knowing that there was a writer named William Shakespeare. The report card is chronological, so you can plot my rise and fall on graph paper, if you like:

Player PianoB
The Sirens of TitanA
Mother NightA
Cat's CradleA-plus
God Bless You, Mr. RosewaterA
Welcome to the Monkey HouseB-minus
Happy Birthday, Wanda JuneD
Breakfast of ChampionsC
Wampeters, Foma & GranfalloonsC
Palm SundayC