I No Longer Built Software

Eric Driven's belated reply on a GitHub issue he created 3 years prior.

@solvaholic: Sorry I missed your comment of many months ago. I no longer build software; I now make furniture out of wood. The hours are long, the pay sucks, and there's always the opportunity to remove my finger with a table saw, but nobody asks me if I can add an RSS feed to a DBMS, so there's that :-)

@ebd2 to clarify your request, and to help future readers find the option to push all tags, would you please update the title and issue body to show you'd like to push a subset of tags for an image repository? For example:2

Allow docker push to push multiple a subset of tags

I've edited as "multiple/a subset of" for clarity. If you think this needs further clarification, try @ mentioning me again; I caught this comment because I was cleaning out the email account github emails go to. Now that the signal to noise ratio is hopefully higher, I might catch messages again!