Alice in Modeland

As written by Dan Hon, posted to Mastodon 2023-02-09.

At the front of the house, Alice found two curious characters, both search engines.

"I am Googl-E," said the one plastered in advertisements.

"And I am Bingle-Dum," said the other, who was the smaller of the two, and sported a pout, as to having fewer visitors and opportunity for conversation than the other.

"I know you," said Alice. "Are you to present me with a puzzle? Perhaps one of you tells the truth and the other lies?"

"Oh no," said Bingle-Dum.

"We both lie," added Googl-E.

"But there must be a clue," pouted Alice. "For how else am I to tell when to trust what you say?"

"That's the point!" laughed Bingle-Dum.

"We don't know when we're telling the truth either!" said Googl-E, finishing the other's sentence.

Alice sat down with a harrumph.

"This is truly an intolerable situation. If you both lie,"

"And lie convincingly," added Bingle-Dum --

"Yes, thank you. If that is so, then how am I to ever trust either of you?"

Googl-E and Bingle-Dum turned to face each other and shrugged.

At that moment, a mischievous feline grin began to appear, and Alice heard a whisper: "Well that's your fault for a lax regulatory environment and a body politic content to ignore the effect technology has on society, abrogating its duty to do so in a representative democracy!"

Alice scowled at the disappearing grin. "And a fat lot of good you are, Cheshire Cat!"