Reviews and advice for all Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Data Science units I completed at UWA.

Yea as long as you do all the work and watch all the lectures you’ll be chilling


I did my Computer Science degree from 2020 to 2023, coming out with a BSc. Computer Science, Cybersecurity, minoring in Data Science. I have omitted statistics units because I have nothing intelligible to say about them.

Just do Coders For Causes, you will learn more in that than entire semesters of this degree. Learn how to use Git as fast as possible then force all your group project members to use it. Narrow down your problems as much as possible, then google the most generic possible description of it. If you see someone using semicolons mid-sentence regularly it's probably Chris McDonald.

First Year Units

CITS1001 Software Engineering with Java (called Object Oriented Programming when I took it in 2020):

CITS1003 Intro to Cybersecurity:

CITS1401 Computational Thinking with Python:

CITS1402 Relational Databases

Second Year Units

CITS2002 Systems Programming

CITS2003 Open Source Tools & Scripting

CITS2200 Data Structures & Algorithms

CITS2211 Discrete Structures

CITS2402 Introduction to Data Science

Third Year Units

CITS3001 Algorithms, Agents & Artificial Intelligence

CITS3002 Computer Networks

CITS3003 Graphics and Animation

CITS3006 Penetration Testing

CITS3007 Secure Coding

CITS3401 Data Warehousing

CITS3403 Agile Web Development

CITS3200 Professional Computing

Miscellaneous Advice

Labs are the only thing in the degree you can't get from youtube or the internet. If you are bad, actually do the labs, go in and ask the instructors questions. It's annoying but they can help you bridge the gap between trash and passing.

Learn how to use the command line ASAP. Learn git. Seriously go learn git. So many people I met couldn't use git in their third year. How they made it that far sending code snippets over discord is beyond me. Bully everyone you know into using git. You will actually lose 20% mark if you don't use git+github for a group project because you will waste so much time trying to coordinate the project. If git is hurting your brain try using GitHub Desktop which makes it a bit easier to use for newcomers.

Have other hobbies. Doesn't matter what they are but gaming doesn't count if it's your only hobby.

Go to social events with clubs. The specific club doesn't matter, they are all fine. Alcohol helps, if you are so inclined (science union pub crawls are great). It's very easy in computer science to not make actually make any friends and do everything online. But you will need friends to not be sad and die alone.

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