Examples of all styles for CSS debugging.

This is some text with formatting applied to it with Markdown. This has even more formatting applied to it.

To split text
over multiples lines put
two spaces at the end.

This is a quote

Zach Manson

Citation for this quote is a hyperlink

Zach Manson

This is a sentence with a Zach Manson citation in the middle of it.




Backlink: Projects

Aliased backlink

Backlink with anchor

External link

This has some inline code text.

This is an untyped codeblock
let codeblock: TypeScript = "this should have code highlighting"

This text has some 1 footnotes2. This footnote could even have a name3

Ordered list:

  1. First item
  2. Second
  3. ...
  4. ...

Unordered list:

Ordered list with codeblock:

  1. List with codeblock
  2. Grant the user account access to the database with the SQL command.

    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE "my_db" to my_user;
  3. Modify /etc/postgresql/14/main/pg_hba.conf (or equivalent). Set the ADDRESS field for IPv4 connections to this:

Unordered list with line breaks:

Build-time Ochrs functions:

Last build time: 2024-04-23 03:10:58

List of Ochrs functions: ochrs-funcs, example, page-count, build-time, md-extensions, recent-edit, sitemap, tags, random-js, chrono

More explanation of these can be found on Ochrs Syntax.

Backlink image:

External image:

gh display pic

Chronologised tag:

Git Activity in Multiple Folders
Minecraftle v2.0
Imposter Syndrome Day 632
GitHub Pages Redirection
Spite Driven Development
Spotify Design Decisions
Pirate Libraries
UWA Computer Science
Federating with Meta
The H Chord
LinkedIn's Ghost Text
Planting a Flag in Wikipedia
The Curse of the Last Good Day
Minecraftle v1.1
Vercel Images Optimisation
Collaborative Awe
The Poor Man's Static Site Generator
How Minecraft Stores Crafting Recipes
Enhancement Proposal for the h Programming Language

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