Ochrs 2.0

The first time I used Obsidian I immediately knew I wanted all my notes to be written using it, and began work on porting my Ochrs 1.0 site to be generated from an Obsidian vault.

Ochrs 2.0 is a rewrite of the original in Python. While this loses the purity that C provides, it also makes it pleasant and flexible. It has proper Markdown support, code highlighting, and is designed to use an Obsidian vault as the content source. The appearance of the website is extremely similar to the original and is much simpler to customise using jinja templates.

The code itself is similar to ironprof, a simple static site generator script I wrote for my personal site that recursively builds jinja templates and converts Markdown into blogposts.

Ochrs 2.0 uses Python-Markdown for all parsing, and introduces a few custom syntax behaviours on top of this. The stylesheet shows how all common elements look.