Federating with Meta

Meta's rumoured Twitter competitor Threads has caused a stir in the Fediverse. Some suggesting fedi instances should preemptively block Threads, others willing to wait and see what happens. At the time of writing (June 2023) it is unclear how this will pan out. Many fear the threat of embrace, extend, extinguish, but others are excited at the prospect of the fediverse becoming more significant.

By David Revoy

One of the oft-touted benefits of the fediverse is that it would be resilient to corporate enshittification. It will be interesting to see how the fediverse handles real threats.

Interesting Articles

Roelant Kooij wrote an excellent overview of the arguments on either side of this debate. The Fediverse Report also has a good timeline of the news. These are sorted in the order I have found them, with my strongest recommendations in bold.

Posted: 2023-06-01 Last update: 2024-04-26 11:11:48 +1000